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High Frequency Global Communications Systems Strategic C2 System Support

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ITA International is a global service provider leveraging subject matter expertise, data analytics and technology ensuring mission success for customers, “In The Arena.” 


ITA is seeking a High Frequency Global Communications Systems  Strategic C2 System Support team member at the ACC A6 located at Langley Air Force Base.






-Provide project management support by establishing an “efficient management structure” to ensure “effective administration” of the HQ ACC/A6CC task order. An “efficient management structure” is one that utilizes the fewest possible numbers of personnel to establish controls for cost and performance, monitors cost and performance, and identifies and rectifies any variables that could potentially increase costs or hinder performance.


- Perform detailed technical analysis of planning documents, CONOPS, system specifications, quality performance measures, technical orders, commercial manuals, and other technical documentation (e.g. Project Support Agreement (PSA), Memorandum of Agreement (MoA), etc.) to ensure that the operational user requirements and perspectives are considered in balance with the technical requirements and systems performance. The results of the detailed technical analysis shall be documented in a technical report.

- Conduct and provide analysis of ILS Programs by applying life cycle cost estimates and system sustainment knowledge to assess the supportability and suitability of proposed systems. Results shall be documented in technical reports, trip reports, or meeting reports as designated by the COR.

-Review, update, and generate documents that support C2 systems. These documents may include requirement documentation, action plans, operational concept documents, implementation plans, operating procedures, and logistics support plans, etc. as requested by the COR or Functional Area Chief.

- Provide a limited level of quick reaction technical support to review support plans, documents, and test and evaluation documentation. This task will include preparation support for program meetings and technical interchange meetings. Preparation for meeting may include data gathering, data analysis, and data evaluation to develop background papers, staff studies, or presentation materials that are intended to instruct, recommend a strategy, persuade an audience, or report program progress. The Contractor shall provide support to meet short suspense requirements for informal information papers, point papers, background papers or meeting support in CONUS or at overseas locations. Contractor personnel shall maintain a valid passport for this purpose. The Contractor will provide 30 days’ notice of
overseas travel requirements to allow sufficient visa paperwork processing time for travel to countries that require visa approval for entry.

-Provide radio operations systems expertise to the DoD HF Working Group. The Contractor performs as the ACC DoD HF sub-working group member and participates in working group meetings between 6 and 12 times per year established to resolve HF issues, identify emerging technologies of interest, develop and review proposals that will benefit the overall quality of service of fielded systems IAW to the DoD HF Working Group Charter. Results shall be documented in technical reports, trip reports, or meeting reports as designated by the COR.

- Monitor and track scheduling, installation and sustainment matters with ACC Scope Command stations; participate in program reviews between 6 and 12 times per year which include logistic support reviews, integration and implementation meetings, technical interchange meetings, product improvement working groups, and test plan working groups; coordinate with O&M units, AMC, AFSPC, and HFGCS SPO; monitor logistics support; review deficiency reports; assess impacts to USSTRATCOM and ACC; coordinate with AFSPC and O&M units to implement HF Rightsizing via Scope Command; coordinate system outages at ACC remote HF Global sites; participate in technical interchange meetings, working groups, and process improvement team meetings, pertaining to SCOPE Command Network Optimization, HF E-mail SIPRNET and NIPRNET programs; participate in meetings and working groups designed to enhance the SCOPE Command system; and advocate ACC’s role and position during these meetings and provide ACC with recommended solutions. Results shall be documented in technical reports, trip reports, or meeting reports as designated by the COR.

- Provide HF Global systems expertise to monitor and track system management issues; participate in HF Global management issues, logistics reviews, integration and implementation meetings and technical interchange meetings; provide expertise as High Power HF missions transition from legacy systems to Scope Command operations; coordinate with AMC, AFSPC, and AFMC in developing automatic link establishment (ALE) procedures for the Global HF system; provide expertise and assistance with consolidation of Global HF missions, collocation of equipment and deactivation of Global HF stations; participate, review, and make recommendations to ACC on US, UK, DoD and AF “Rightsizing” efforts; coordinate, validate, and implement ACC user requirements for ALE and HF E-mail over the HF Global System; perform as an Integrated Product Team member responsible for developing procedures and guidelines for operating and maintaining HF Global stations; and monitor trends, modifications, and projected upgrades to the HF Global System operations that may impact primarily STRATCOM and ACC long-haul HF mission support, but also including other MAJCOMs. These actions include the necessary research and coordination with appropriate using/ supporting agencies/offices. Results shall be documented in technical reports, trip reports, or monthly activity reports as designated by the COR.

- Monitor and track US Coast Guard Support Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) and NAVTEX system management issues, participate in integration and implementation meetings and technical interchange meetings; provide expertise as US Coast Guard maritime navigational system conduct operations co-located at Air Combat Command High Power HF stations; provide expertise and make recommendations to US Coast Guard, ACC, and AFSPC on system/equipment modifications, expansions, or deletions to the DGPS/NAVTEX mission in conjunction with HFGCS Rightsizing efforts at the ACC HFGCS station/sites.

- Provide expertise to monitor and track Direction Finding management issues; participate in integration and implementations meetings, technical reviews, and technical interchange meetings relating to NSA missions and operations collocated at the ACC HFGCS station/s; provide expertise and make recommendations to NSA, ACC, and AFSPC on any system/equipment modifications, expansions, or deletions to the NSA mission consortium in conjunction with HFGCS Rightsizing efforts at the ACC HFGCS station/sites.

- Provide oversight and perform as the HFGCS and SCOPE Command expert on real property
and facility issues at the ACC HFGCS station; conduct technical reviews of real property leases, permits, and environmental documents; coordinate with ACC/A7, AFCEC, AFRC staffs, HFGCS SPO and AFSPC and make recommendations for initial, renewal, or cancelling user requests to operate missions collocated at the HFGCS station sites; provide expertise for real property and equipment accountability and disposition; provide expert oversight of required facility and equipment maintenance and coordinate scheduled maintenance repairs/replacements and validate completion.

- Provide oversight for manning, training, and operations of the Grand Forks Net Control Station (GFNCS) by: Overseeing development of the HFGCS operations certification and training program IAW AFM 17-2102 (S) (formally AFM 33-591)(S), working with HFGCS Lead Command and SPO on equipment modifications, fielding, sustaining, and requirement validations impacting GFNCS, work with MAJCOMs and other HFGCS users to develop operational, procedures/ policies and resolve operational conflicts that occur between NCS station personnel and HF customers, oversee development of MOAs/MOUs between GFNCS, Andrews NCS (ANCS), and other HFGCS customers, act as liaison between HFGCS Lead Command office and SCOPE Command SPO on matters impacting GFNCS requirements and operations, track equipment, station, and system outages and up-channel significant status changes to key HFGCS stakeholders, assist in unit preparation for Lead Command directed Operations Functional Reviews; also participate as Functional review team members, ensure GFNCS personnel and station equipment is prepared to support CJCS assessments and attend all DISA Communications Conferences at Johns Hopkins APL or other designated locations to respond to assessment write-ups.







-Eight (8) years’ experience providing program management support on the use and operation of the SCOPE Command System to satisfy high power HF requirements and AF HF Global System missions such as Mystic Star, Emergency War Order (EWO), and reconnaissance and operational command and control. A minimum of five (5) years is also required to support the DGPS/NAVTEX and NSA missions.

-Eight (8) years’ experience providing logistics support for HF radio systems, including areas and activities such as system mission integration, system architecture, documentation, operations and procedures, fielding implementations and system evaluations. A minimum of 5 years is also required to support real property and facility operations.

- Five (5) years’ experience working with the employment of airborne communication assets, including HF Global SCOPE Command, and the HF E-mail and ALE subsystems of the Mystic Star System. This task requires an understanding of Joint Chiefs of Staff survivable command and control requirements and logistics management concepts applicable to airborne communications.

- Five (5) years’ experience working the Net Control Station (NCS) missions and operations. This task requires sufficient knowledge of NCS mission unique capabilities to satisfactorily address all of the write- ups stemming from assessments of GFNCS operations and to present these solutions at the DISA communications conferences. Be able to analyze the operators' performance and the formulation and/or development of corrective actions required from deficiency write-ups by assessors. Experience should include thorough knowledge of RF Transmission. Have sufficient knowledge of NCS supported missions to include: DoD Global, Mystic Star, SITFAA, USSTRATCOM, DISN, AFSPC, WHCA/Department of State, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), AF Auxiliary (AF Aux), Flight Management Facility (FMF), U.S. Navy High Command Communications, Navy Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Stations (NCTAMS) PAC, NCTAMS LANT, Take Charge and Move Out (TACAMO), USCG, TSCOMM.






ITA international is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive

consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin,

disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.


Equal Opportunity Employer – Minorities/Females/Disabled/Veterans



In compliance with the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA), ITA International would like to ensure that your application process goes as smoothly as possible. If you have a disability and would like to request an accommodation in order to apply for a currently open position with ITA, please contact us by phone at 757-246-6781 or email us at


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