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  • ACC A6 High Frequency and Mystic Star Networking Automatic Link Established (ALE) Technical Support and Global Communications System Policy Support

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    ITA International (ITA) is a provider of integrated support services to include analysis, planning, training, acquisition management, cyber/intelligence, engineering, logistics, and maritime support services to government, non-governmental organizations and commercial customers worldwide.


    ITA is seeking a High Frequency and Mystic Star Networking Automatic Link Established (ALE) Technical Support and Global Communications System Policy Support to join the team at Scott AFB.


    This position is contingent upon successful contract modification, anticipated April 2020.




    ITA is pleased to post one open position for a High Frequency and Mystic Star Networking Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) technical support, and Global Communication System Policy Support. Below are the duties associated with the position.

    • Provide strategic technical expertise supporting ACC HQ CCC in maintaining the HFGCS and Mystic Star communications system, to include overall system health and to provide HFGCS and Mystic Star technical/network support.
    • Serve as technical advisor to ACC HQ CCC for HFGCS and Mystic Star network management and system operations. Advise NCS operations manager to address issues requiring analysis/support beyond unit capabilities; Ensure system performance is optimized to support DoD and Federal customers and warfighter requirements; Analyze overall system requirements/modifications, de-conflict service access priorities; Provide daily assistance/consultation to customers on usage of equipment, applications and capabilities associated with; and recommend alternative HF solutions to meet unique customer requirements.
    • Design, review, update, and provide ACC HQ CCC technical recommendations supporting HFGCS and Mystic Star program documentation (e.g., Strategic Plans, Concept of Operations, Concepts of Employment, and Modification Requests).
    • Participate in projects and initiatives to expand and modernize the HFGCS network, optimize equipment locations, and activate or deactivate global HF stations. Coordinate efforts with external organizations
    • Support HFGCS network structure development by evaluating what missions are currently operating on the system, available resources, ensure all missions are properly prioritized, and assist the government in resolving prioritization conflicts.
    • Review HF performance data to detect adverse trends and tailor performance/service to meet unique support requirements during national disasters/emergencies. Provide ACC HQ CCC guidance and technical solutions to remediate adverse HF performance trends.
    • Conduct on-site Operational Functional Reviews and HFGCS site compliance checks. Assist with reports, change recommendations to improve operations, maintenance recommendations, guidance to reduce/eliminate deficiencies and policy non-compliance, and provide recommendations to enhance mission support posture and interoperability.
    • Review weekly NCS Vulnerability Index (VI) Scan reports; perform root cause to determine negative security trends. Coordinate with stakeholders to implement corrective actions to resolve VI discrepancies. Create, review, and update strategic planning guides on implementation of updates, modernization, patches, software, hardware, and test strategies to support HFGCS and Mystic Star Risk Management Framework (RMF) documentation.
    • Provide strategic technical expertise to support ACC HQ CCC as the ALE technical expert supporting development of the network structure to support various global communications activities. This includes working with 618th Air Operations Center (AOC), Scott AFB, IL communications controllers to monitor Air Mobility Command (AMC) missions and to ensure aircraft ALE equipment is operating in correct mode.
    • Serve as ALE technical expert to assist in development of HFGCS network structure (e.g., the main network and all interoperable sub networks) to support HFGCS global communications activities. Provide support to special missions and design contingency plans that can be called into action.
    • Provide ALE support to communications controllers to monitor missions and ensure ALE equipment is operating as required by mission owners.
    • Assist with the network structure development by evaluating what missions are currently operating on the system, what resources are available, and to ensure missions are properly prioritized.
    • Evaluate and recommend to ACC HQ CCC modifications and system parameter sets that, when loaded into each HF ALE radio, will cause that radio to behave in a manner consistent with the intended network operations. Assist government personnel in providing copies of the user ALE data-fills or configuration files for the radio the user will be using on HFGCS. Evaluate data-fills and/or configuration files to ensure sounding parameters, frequencies sets, ALE addresses, and e-mail addresses are correct. Maintain and/or update the addressing hierarchy supporting individual station-to-station (i.e., one-to-one) and star net (i.e., one-to-many) communications links needed to meet HFGCS ALE network communications mission requirements.
    • Maintain and update data-fill files required to get the HF ALE network up and running. Work with data-fill providers to coordinate, review, and update ALE requirements for approval. Develop contingency data-fill files for use by the ALE manager.
    • Provide customer support to resolve problems and assist HFGCS customers in day-to-day use of HF ALE; report identified programs and corrective measures to the program manager.
    • Review HFGCS ALE user-access privileges monthly with security managers, assign appropriate ALE addresses and submit to ACC HQ CCC for approval.
    • Provide expertise at HFGCS stations with new enhancements to ALE operations ensuring HFGCS user requirements are met.
    • Maintain ALE continuity folder monthly or as process changes occur providing explanations of tools used to manage the ALE database to include database info (e.g. specialized fields and associated descriptors, functions, access methods, procedures and credentials, as well as Point of Contact (POC)) for building, managing and terminating ALE accounts.
    • Provide current and historical subject matter expertise on Mystic Star, HFGCS, and ALE policy supporting policy development reviews, updates, and technical writing.
    • Review official DoD, Joint, and Air Force (AF) policy interpretations/positions and assist with submission of change recommendations to publications (to include updates, revisions, changes to reflect latest technological developments, Federal/ DoD directives, implementation guidelines, and timely compliance) to eliminate threats or reduce risk ensuring system health and welfare.
    • Review, recommend, and update policy and guidance in conjunction with specifically tasked document reviews or as part of a policy development team. Identify policy gaps and provide resolution to incorporate updates into DoD, Joint, and AF policy. Incorporate resolutions to specific issues, lessons learned, and official policy interpretations and positions into DoD, Joint, and AF policy.


    • Extensive knowledge and background required on current HFGCS and Mystic Star customers and mission dependencies.
    • All contractors must have at least ten years’ experience in radio operations, HF command and control communication implementations, recognizing and synchronizing HF system solutions/interdependencies with DoD entities and commercial providers, air/ground and ground/ground frequency spectrum management experience, experience in HF modernization implementations, and HF network management.
    • Furthermore, all candidates must have at least ten years’ experience and background on current ALE customers, mission dependencies, and have experience in maintaining and updating data-fill files, expertise with ALE enhancement operations to proactively address potential negative mission impacts, and expertise on HF network structures and operational capabilities to support POTUS, Department of Defense, and Federal agencies.
    • Additionally, all contractors must have at least five years’ experience and historical background on HF policy. The contractors must have a background conducting HF policy reviews, experienced in policy process development, and providing policy interpretations based on higher-level DoD and Federal guidance.
    • Active SECRET clearance 


    ITA international is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive

    consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin,

    disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.


    Equal Opportunity Employer – Minorities/Females/Disabled/Veterans



    In compliance with the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA), ITA International would like to ensure that your application process goes as smoothly as possible. If you have a disability and would like to request an accommodation in order to apply for a currently open position with ITA, please contact us by phone at 757-246-6781 or email us at


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